Value Of An Additional Domain Name

  • Additional domain names to your existing ones will boost your traffic, your SEO and your profits.
  • It is the real estate of the Information Age. Its value will grow organically far faster than inflation.
  • Can be more valuable and much cheaper than an extra person on your Sales team. Customers that come to you are predisposed towards you.
  • Your regular website can be enhanced with related concepts or values or terms.
  • If you owned or its equivalent and pointed it at your regular website then when potential customers searched this term in Google they would be carried to your website. The same applies to many other values or generic terms related to your site and products. It becomes the most potent set of keywords. Those keywords become largely your property, your IT real estate.
  • You can even use it as a separate website with its own character which clicks through into your main site.
  • You may have built a better mousetrap but unless they can find it amongst the distracting forest of information, miss-information and unrelated trivia they will not come.



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